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Senior Food Inspector on Patrol!

Gulls are really quite populous here in Alberta, a landlocked province in Canada. I enjoy them a lot :-) Here's a senior food inspector on patrol!

Food inspector on patrol! #bird #birds #gull #gulls #urbannature #urbanwildlife #nobody #profile #seagull #seagulls #nature #wildlife

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Bring all the birds to your yard!

I thought this was really neat - plunk in your zip code and get a list of recommended plants for your yard!

I hope there is a Canadian version. I would love to get more birds around here than the usual!
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Community promo

Hello everyone. I just wanted to let you know [community profile] lovebirds is now open for new members! All posts are set to members-only so you will need to join and subscribe to take part in discussions. =)

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Anyone read this yet?

  I recently discovered the title Pekin Robins and Small Softbills: Managenent and Breeding by Peter Karsten on tonight, is anyone familiar with the book? I may save up money for this one, because it's hard to find good books on the subject of softbills,, and especially the species of these cute little birds.