Wonder Woman

Jul. 24th, 2017 07:48 pm
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I was so afraid that we would miss Wonder Woman in theatres because we have been missing so many movies in theatres lately! I grew up on Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman, so I understand all the anxiety around this movie. It’s one of those characters/movies that everyone hopes will be desperately done right instead of being an embarrassing pile of boobs and tropes. Personally I was worried that Diana and her Amazon friends would have terrible accents - you know, the kind that is your cue to laugh at the funny foreign folk. The cringeworthy moments never happened, to my relief. I knew right from the outset that Gal Godot was perfect for the role after watching her in Fast & Furious. She played Diana with great passion, intelligence, strength and compassion. Us Mediterranean people are pretty passionate and I felt like I was watching my 18 year old self on the screen (albeit more souped up). Slay all the injustices!!!

It was so action packed but I wish that more attention had been paid to the CGI. The distance shots of Themyscira looked fake and oversharpened. Once the action moved over to Europe everything was kind of desaturated. When you're used to the colourful world of Marvel, the weirdly coloured DC world is a letdown. The plot could have been less simple - maybe it was because it was an origin movie - but to dwell on that would be to overlook all the positives packed into the movie. Personally, it was a huge deal to me that Diana is a brunette. We're so overlooked ;-) She wears her costume for her and she was never displayed as anything but the athletic warrior princess she is. Come to think of it, all the Amazons, and I believe many of the background ones were real athletes, were such a refreshing change from the usual. Here were realistic looking women that looked solid and not flimsy.

I was a little bummed by the ending. I really thought it would have a different outocme.

I'm looking forward to Justice League now. I'm not a DC fan at all, but the right movie might change my mind.

Galactic Budgies

Jul. 21st, 2017 12:26 pm
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I think I have a posting routine figured out - if I post here and crosspost to LJ, then I can back it up with LJ Archive. But since DW forked off before a lot of LJ improvements were made, it's not so easy to add an Instagram!

I had to wait a while for my husband to pick me up, so I used just about every filter on every graphics program I had on my phone!

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